Emotional Intelligence in the Work Envirnoment

The first cognitive intelligence test was performed by Alfred Binet in France in the year 1905. The Stanford University standardized it for the American population and named it the Stanford Binet test. Emotional intelligence is the process by which we relate to ourselves and connect with others and the environment. An E.Q person also possesses the ability to conquer fear through emotional processing. Ones capability of success in life could be measured by his level of emotional intelligence.

Being successful academically doesn’t guarantee your success in life when it comes to work, family and home. Studies were carried out on both the higher achieving student in school and, the average student. Following them through the three levels of education and into the race called life. When all aspects of life were considered, the average student seemed to be the most successful. Generally having a happier life and the better job. This goes to show you that you need more than a high IQ or cognitive intelligence to be successful in life as another factor that guarantees success is emotional intelligence in the work place.

When you have a high level of emotional intelligence, you will be able to deal with peoples behaviors with ease. Be it an angry customer at your work place or a colleague. In a situation where you have an unpredictable staff at work, the working environment is tensed and every other staff is affected because the next minute someone could be losing his temper. Maybe, a boss or even a customer. This is not a productive or healthy way to work. Emotional intelligence in the work place will enable you improve the behavior of a fellow staff or customer and help you tackle the situation efficiently.

The bestselling book by Daniel Goleham, Emotional intelligence: explains why emotional intelligence matters more than I.Q. He defines E.I as ‘the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.’ When you have emotional intelligence in the work place, you will be able to manage a team of staff in your work place and, the company in general. The fact is, a person who has emotional intelligence is able to manage the emotions of individuals and, with that you get good results. You can make your staff work more diligently and ensure they are happier and more comfortable in the work environment. Diligent and happy staff brings success. People who have emotional intelligence have various characteristic which are:

People skill
A company can introduce emotional intelligence into its team at any point in time starting from a new employee. Emotionally intelligent people are able to relate and build trust with others on their teams. They don’t back stab or have power struggles. They enjoy the company of others and have respect for people around them.

Someone that has empathy is also compassionate and understands human nature. This makes it possible for him to connect with others emotionally. And if the individual is having a problem with emotional processing, an EQ person can help the individual conquer it. Being able to empathize makes it possible to render good service and see to others concerns genuinely.

People who are emotionally intelligent are usually self-motivated. A promotion or money is not likely to motivate them. They handle disappointment with ease, have a high level of self control and, are driven by an ambition from within.

Someone with a high EQ expresses her feelings in a mature and controlled way, knows what words and gestures to use in other to get through to the next person in a way that he/she can understand and not pick offence.

People with high E.Q are very self aware. When an individual has a good sense of self awareness he knows his weaknesses and strengths and is aware of how his behavior affects others. When a person is self aware, he knows how to respond to, learn from and, handle it when he gets criticized constructively. Running a company is not an easy task. There are always so many decisions to be made and factors to consider. Investing in emotional intelligence in the work place will bring staffs that are capable of taking your company to the next level through these characteristics mentioned above. They also are capable of helping others do emotional processing in their lives. Employing staff not just based on their IQ but also their EQ will guarantee your company more diligent and committed staff.

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