7 Exceptional Tips to Improve your Emotional Intelligence

Life is beautiful and has some fundamental elements inevitably attached and integrated into it, such elements are emotions, attitude, feelings etc. Emotional intelligence, as one of the elements of life is a lifetime practice offered by nature to help us measure our abilities in perceiving our emotions, as well as the emotions of others in order to be able to manage them effectively. Several ways can help improve one’s emotional intelligence and below are seven exceptional ways in which will help you distinguish yourself in any situation.

#7 Become More Self-conscious
It is vital that you give adequate attention to yourself and become more self aware. One of the basic areas of emotional intelligence is self-consciousness. This is actually the foundation for other areas. Intrapersonal communication such as deep thoughts, soliloquizing and meditation can help you become more self- conscious, but in addition to this, you must deliberately give yourself to training and self-development activities such as enrolling in intelligent courses, joining creative groups, getting a special instructor etc. It is also important that you set a standard for yourself in certain areas and watch yourself attain the standard, because the more you gauge your emotions, the much better you can monitor, adjust or change them. Your feelings and your thoughts can be used as a technique to monitor your emotional intelligence.

#6 Always Display Certain Level of Happiness
One of the great ways to improve your emotional intelligence is by displaying a high level of happiness even in the face of dire challenges. It’s important that you make deliberate efforts to boost your own happiness. According to the book- the conquest of happiness “, “happiness must be, for most men and women, an achievement rather than gift of the gods, and in this achievement, efforts, both inward and outward, must play a great role”. Making yourself happy at all times is one great way to boost your emotional intelligence.

  #5 Learn to Appreciate Others
While engaging in different activities to improve your emotional intelligence, it’s imperative to know that one vital way to achieve this is also by helping others’ emotions as well. The words “thank you” are two of the most powerful words that when rightly expressed leave in the hearts of the recipients an indelible impression and a high sense of a positive feelings. Making appreciation a habit will help you improve others’ emotions in a great way.

  #4 Always Express your Emotions

The best way to manage your emotions is when you know how to express them. Never keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself, find an appropriate platform to share them, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes or about what people will think about you. It is just important that you express your emotions in a polite and cultured way to avoid misconception. In expressing your thoughts or beliefs, ensure to get rid of timidity or pride.

#3 Be Friendly and Helpful
In being friendly and sociable, you will discover several things from people which will help you widen your horizon, correct certain errors and improve your behavior. Also, being socially responsible is one of the great levels of emotional experience; it signifies that you care about the wellbeing of others. One great way to demonstrate social responsibility is by extending a helping hand to people or donating money to the charity.

#2- Translate Trials to Challenges
The ability to tackle challenges effortlessly is a sign of emotional doggedness. The ability to accomplish a task, especially rigorous ones imparts a high sense of satisfaction to you. It is important that you must never let goals, task or target set for you by the issues of life weigh you down and cause a psychological trauma for you. Improve your emotions with boldness, diligence and also with eyeballing difficult task.

#1 Develop your Passion
Working in an office or enrolling in a course that has your passion brings out the best in you. Often times, people end up in a work that they are not excited about though consoled by the pay pack. Well, in this situation, there will always be inadequacies and shortcoming. Discovering your inner passions and fulfilling it is an exceptional way to improve your emotional intelligence.

In improving your emotions, the focus should be on developing your behavior, skills, and building an excellent attitude, to achieve this effectively will require a feedback from people on your performances. Therefore, with feedback in addition to these seven ways provided for your emotional intelligence development, then you are sure to stand out in whatever situation you find yourself.


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